5 Apr 2012

Various fishing knots....continued

Hangman's Knot

There are at least 6 variations of the Hangman's Knot, - all of them excellent for tackle, swivels and hooks. The "standard" Hangman's Knot holds only five turns when tied in monofilament nylon. If tied in rope, and used for its stated purpose, it takes eight turns.
  • Pass a 15cm loop of line through the eye.
  • Bring the end back on itself, passing it under the doubled part.
  • Make five loops over the doubled part.
  • The formed knot is worked into shape.
  • The knot is sent down the line, against the eye of the hook or swivel.

Scaffold Knot
This is a much simpler knot. And it also works great. It lets the hook swing freely on the line.
  • Pass an 8 inch loop of line through the eye.
  • Lock the upper part between thumb and forefinger, making a loop.
  • Make two more loops over the double part, holding them too, between thumb and forefinger.
  • Pass the end through the two loops just made, plus the first loop made in step2.
  • The formed knot can now be drawn into shape, and worked down against the eye of the hook or swivel.

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