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Fish Species

For a beginner anchor to get familiar with types of fish available...

26 Mar 2012

Pictures collection in Sepang 2012

Enjoy!!GP event held yesterday in a rainy day at Sepang F1 Circuit

Fun facts about F1 Circuits

Which track has NOT hosted the British Grand Prix?

Donington Park. Donington Park has only ever hosted one Grand Prix, in 1993, and was titled the European GP.

The British GP in 1993 was held at Silverstone. Silverstone hosted the race in 1950-1954, 56, 58, 60, 63 then every odd year until 1985 then from 1987 onwards. Brands Hatch hosted the race every even year from 1964 to 1986. Aintree hosted the race in 1955, 57, 59, 61-62.

How long was the Nurburgring circuit which hosted the German Grand Prix between 1951 and 1975?

14.17 miles. The circuit, built in 1925, gained the reputation as a fearsome race circuit, and one on only the greats would win at.

However, the Nurburgring does not hold the distinction of the longest circuit ever - that record belongs to Pescara (16 miles), which hosted a Formula One race in 1957.

How many circuits hosted the French GP from 1965 to 1968?

4. For the poor French spectators, four circuits hosted the French Grand Prix in four years. Clermont-Ferrand hosted the race in 1965, Reims in 1966, Le Mans (Bugatti) in 1967 and Rouen-les-Essarts in 1968.

Indeed, the French Grand Prix never found a permanent home until 1985 when the Paul Ricard circuit hosted the race from 1985-1990. Then Magny Cours (Circuit de Nevers) took over hosting duties from 1991 onwards.

Before being renamed the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, what name was given to the Montreal circuit that hosted the Canadian Grand Prix from 1978?

Ile Notre Dame. The Il Notre Dame circuit was renamed after the death of the great Canadian driver Gilles Villeneuve in 1983.

The site was also the host of the World Expo in 1967, and was also the location of the rowing events during the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Name the only track ever to host the Dutch Grand Prix?


Zandvoort hosted its first race in 1952, and held the race 30 times between then and 1985, when the race was dropped due to an expanding calender and also safety concerns about the Zandvoort circuit.

Which is not a name of a corner on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit?

Parabolica. The Parabolica is the name of the final corner at the Monza circuit.

Eau Rouge is a fearsome left-right-left downhill sweeper just after the La Source hairpin. Les Combes is a tricky right-left chicane after the straight out of Kemmel. Blanchimont is a long fast left hander after Stavelot.

Despite the success of Australian drivers, Australia did not host a round of the F1 World Championship until 1985. The city chosen to host the race was?


The race took part on the city streets and also in Victoria Park Racecourse, where the start-finish line was located. At just 2.350 miles, it was one of the shortest circuits on the calender, a real machine breaker but also a great end of season race.

Where was the first Portuguese Grand Prix held?

Oporto. Oporto hosted the Portuguese in 1958 (won by Stirling Moss) and 1960 (won by Jack Brabham.) Lisbon hosted the race in 1959 (won by Stirling Moss.) Estoril hosted its first race in 1984 (won by Alain Prost). Jerez is located in Spain.

Indianapolis had never played host to a Formula One World Championship round prior to 2000?

Indianapolis had indeed played host to a World Championship round, from 1950-1960 when the Indianapolis 500 was included on the calender.

However, Europeans rarely made the trek to compete in the famous oval race.

What is the name of the first corner at the Monaco Grand Prix circuit?

Ste Devote. Ste Devote is a slow right hand bend just after the start, and the scene of many accidents over the years.

Tabac is a left hand bend after the Nouvelle Chicane. Casino is a quick-ish left hand bend after the run up the hill from Ste Devote. Loews is the slowest corner on the circuits, a left turn hairpin after Mirabeau.

How to spot a fake Coach Handbags?


Tips to determining authenticity for a Signature Coach Bag

If you are considering on purchasing a handbag from a questionable source, then go to the coach website or even go into a reputable store that carries Coach products.

The simplest way in determining authenticity would be examining the layout of the signature C’s. The C’s should be lined up perfectly to the center. However, it is not uncommon for the mini-signature C collections to be off by tiny bit only on the sides. So don’t panic.

Difference between real and fake Coaches

The signature style for Coach will always be the two C’s next to each other in doubles, not as the picture shows below, in a single row of C’s

If the overall figure of the bag appears to not resemble one that coach would produce, then chances are it’s a replica.

You can tell by not only the style of the bag, but also the pattern. If the pattern is not the famous Coach signature C, but rather a different letter, such as an O or a G then it’s an obvious fake.

Dust bags should be dark chocolate brown with a red drawstring. In the bottom right the words in all caps “COACH EST.1941″ written in white. Coach does not use cheap material to make these. There are many replica dust bags floating around on the Internet. So if you see one stay away, chances are that bag is fake

Up until 2002 about 75% of coach handbags were manufactured in the US. Now, most are assembled in China.

The interior serial number should start with “No”, the abbreviation for number, and have 4 numbers after the dash, not 3.

The writing should be neat on the authenticity tag, not crookedly stamped on. Also the paragraph above the serial number should be in all caps, and in English.

Make sure that the authenticity number matches up with the style of the bag that you are interested in purchasing. If you are about to purchase from an unauthorized dealer, call Coach, their representatives will be more then willing to verify if the authenticity number matches the style.

There also needs to be a serial number.

Coach commonly uses logo tags that are attached by a beaded chain. Usually, the tag should match the trim of the bag. The words “COACH” should be raised, not imprinted.

Some styles to have metal tags. Do your research to make sure that the tag goes with the bag you are getting. It is not uncommon for counterfeiters to mass-produce these metal tags; it’s the cheaper more profitable way. Tags are never made out of hard plastic.

Other minor flaws
Coach uses ykk zippers. Be sure to check if the markings are on the zippers.

The seams of the bag and interior authenticity tag should not be glued on but rather neatly stitched on. Coach takes pride in experienced craftsmanship on each and every piece. If the stitching is of poor quality, by being raised in some areas, or if you see the string knot then it is a replica.

The bag should look neat and sturdy, not slouching to one side or lopsided. This is caused by either uneven lousy stitching or not quality material that’s to thin. Coach uses leather or suede trim, not pleather or shiny plastic.

It’s easier to tell the difference between leather and plastic in person. You can usually tell by the smell, however, there are handbags out there that are made of plastic and sprayed with leather perfume, which smells more like a new car than a purse. If you are looking at a picture, you can generally tell if it looks too shiny or cheap looking.

Main point
Coach in my opinion degrades their image by having discount stores. However, this could be a reason why there are less fakes online. More people are going to the outlet stores or purchasing them on sale, only to turn around and resell.

I also must applaud the US government for a attempting to end the importation of counterfeit items coming into the US. It is a big goal to accomplish, considering the fact that the law making it illegal to sell counterfeit items was recently passed in the mid 1990′s. The government at this time does what it can to catch these criminals. However, lets just say I won’t be too impressed until it’s illegal for vendors to sell them on the streets! It’s not only the governments lack to enforce which keeps this multi-million dollar industry in business, but you as a consumer must not purchase these items. Most people do not know the trail of money when purchasing a counterfeit item.

You ask your self how they could get away with this? They import them without the fake designer labels. Then upon purchase by an unsuspecting person, the vendor will glue on a cheap label.

There is such thing as a good deal. However, if someone claims to have a handbag for sale that isn’t even in stores yet, you should pass. If purchasing from an unauthorized dealer or from an auction site, the only understandable good deal would be if it were a bag from a past season.

If you’re unsure if you are purchasing from an authorized Coach dealer, then contact Coach. Just call their 800 number and they should tell you if you are dealing with a certified seller. Read into the website by checking the “about us” or “customer service” section. If anywhere on there sounds suspicious then stay away. Con artists try to hide the fact that they are selling fakes. Commonly when describing their products, they would state they are “designer inspired”, or “grade A replica’s”. They put these words in there to protect themselves from any lawsuits.
How do I report counterfeit Coach merchandise?

Combating counterfeiting of Coach product is an important objective for Coach. Please e-mail your information to lawdepartment@coach.com or use the Coach anti-counterfeiting hotline to report counterfeiters and unauthorized distributors of Coach merchandise at 1-800-396-1807.

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Nikah paling kelakar

You must understand indonesia language to laugh..:)

Perompak paling Sopan

Just shared!!

Can you??


Advantages and disadvantages using PayPal

PayPal is a popular site for transferring money between people and business online,
You can use your PayPal account to purchase items from hundreds of online stores as well as eBay and Receiving or transferring money from one account to another.

Opening a basic PayPal account is free you do not need a special technology nor a business license to send/receive money through PayPal. The only requirements are
1. A valid email address.
2. A valid credit card or bank account.

With basic financial information you can send money to anyone with an e-mail address. And the receiver doesn’t necessarily need to have a PayPal account.
You can transfer money and make payments through PayPal by using your credit card
Or by providing your personal bank account information, and transferring money directly from your bank.

PayPal is very friendly and easy to use. Whether you are a new buyer, or someone just starting out as a new seller, PayPal is truly the most convenient way to do trusted payments online. And it costs nothing to send/spend money using PayPal.
You will be charged a fee on every payment that you receive. Only if you have a Premier or Business PayPal account.
A Personal account is the most appropriate for you, if you want to use the account for buying or transferring money to others, while a Premier account is best if you also want to sell online.

The advantages that PayPal offers

PayPal is guaranteed against fraud
PayPal guarantees 100% protection against unauthorized payments from your account,
While shopping online and providing your financial information you are not fully protected from sites that can charge money from your account and making unauthorized transactions without your awareness, and that may cause you a lot of money and unnecessary aggravation.

PayPal prevent that option from happening, providing the safest way for shopping online and without reviling any information of your account.

Saving time
Avoiding long lines and spending valuable time in going to the bank
Paying your bills has never been easier with a simple click you can take care of any payment you have without the need of leaving you’re house and standing in long lines, PayPal provides you with the easiest and quickest way there is.

Sending Money abroad
When you are sending money to different countries PayPal provides you the lowest price and it is also the fastest and safest way to ensure your money will reach to its destination.

Dispute resolution center
IF you feel the seller violated your agreement and you want to file a claim against him you can
File a despite through PayPal within 30 days of your purchase,
Saving a document that provides you with Evidence will increase your chances for resolving case faster it is recommended to save emails, receipts, tracking number or any other information related to your purchase.

Saving money
PayPal offer you a variety of coupons that will help you save money while shopping at your favorite stores online, PayPal discount coupon is providing a secure way to shop at a great price.

PayPal is easy to use and highly recommended site but there are some disadvantages that you may consider.

The disadvantages

PayPal can immediately freeze your account and hold your money
This is a private company and not ruled by any federal banking regulations, there for have no need for your permission or approval for freezing your account. if they feel that you have committed a fraud or violated they’re policy your they might freeze your account and hold your funds till further notice

When your account is frozen It might take a while till PayPal decides to release your funds
And might leave you with very limited options and without proper explanation.

23 Mar 2012

10 best Facebook Campaign

Facebook marketing campaigns seem to be going all warm, caring and fluffy recently as brands realize that solving problems and helping those in need can be a very effective marketing tactic.

Three of the Facebook campaigns in this list have an altruistic reason behind their campaigns, from donating $500,000 each to 20 schools to raising funds for the “Make A Wish Foundation”.

The marketing goals for the Facebook pages vary but quite often the simple goal of just increasing their fan count to their Facebook page seems to be top of the list as brands have worked out very quickly that being able to communicate to 1,000′s or even millions of fans via a simple status update is very efficient highly leveraged marketing. Companies have also realized that people’s main reason for becoming a fan for the most part is not so charitable, but is about having access to the latest special offers and freebies

10 Best Facebook Campaigns

1. Kohl

The Department store Kohl’s gave away $10 million to various schools decided by the votes of their fans on Facebook. It was an excellent promotional campaign as the 20 schools with the most votes were each given $500 thousand. Kohl’s Facebook page sky rocketed to well over a million fans, and the winning schools each tallied well over 100,000 votes.

Kohl’s hit it out of the park so to speak with this campaign centered around the social network, and they did an excellent job utilizing social media tactics to help in its social responsibility efforts.

2. Target

In February of this year, popular department store Target left the choice of where to donate $1 million into the hands of their fans on the social network. The company used an application titled “Super Love Sender” and kept fans updated in real time which charity was in the lead. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital ended up being the winning charity.

Overall though, the excellent campaign was a complete success as it created quite a boom on the store’s Facebook page

3. Ford Explorer

2010 saw a shift in Ford’s promotion techniques as they began gearing their campaigns towards social media outlets, and they really pushed the boundaries with innovative ideas. This past summer they released tidbits of info leading up to a Facebook event unveiling the 2011 Ford Explorer.

The campaign was the first time a car company has ever used a website to reveal their new model as opposed to an auto show. Ford also went as far to randomly select one of their fans to giveaway a free Explorer upon their fan total surpassing a certain number.

4. Jack In The Box

Popular fast food chain Jack In The Box, and their slightly creepy mascot Jack, added a nickel in an imaginary jar for every new fan they accrued on Facebook in their October Rich Fan Sweepstakes. They started at just over $2,000, and when they gave away the money about a month later to a randomly selected fan, the jar was up to over $11,500.

Needless to say, giving away free money is one of the best and easiest ways to acquire new fans on the social network. It was certainly a creative campaign though that helped the fast food chain see an explosive increase in fan numbers.

5. Bing and Farmville

A little before the beginning of Spring, Microsoft’s Facebook page for Bing launched a campaign that helped them accrue almost a half million new fans on the social network. The search engine did this by giving away FarmVille currency to all new fans that hit the “Like” button.
Bing drew in great traffic and their page grew rapidly, but engagement of the content on the page was drawn into question. The Microsoft page responded by making itself a hotspot with the latest news about the popular Zynga developed game to keep their new fans around.

6. Papa Johns Pizza

The first pizza chain’s Facebook campaign to appear on our Year End list is Papa Johns. They promoted their Papa’s Speciality Pizza Contest using Facebook, and it created quite a buzz and a growth in fans as a result. The contest put the fans taste buds and creativity to the test as it was up to them to come up with a new pizza for the company.

The winner also saw a piece of the profits, so it was not too much of a surprise that this creative campaign helped the popular chain’s fan-base on Facebook continue to expand.

7. Southwest Airlines

To go a whole list without mentioning at least one company that has utilized Facebook’s new popular feature, Places, just would not be acceptable. Southwest partnered up with the Make A Wish Foundation for an excellent charitable promotion that had the airline donating a dollar to the organization every time a passenger checks into a Southwest served airport.

The promotion has had great success, as it is for a great cause, and it has it helped Southwest gain over 1 million fans on the social network. Be sure to check in on your next flight and join an excellent campaign.

8. Kellogs

Popular cereal company Kellogg’s teamed up with Feeding America, and the Facebook page Kellogg Cares comes as a result. The page has been a quick increase in fans, and the content posted makes it such an interactive success on the social network. The page’s aim is to educate younger generations on proper nutrition through posts and video updates.

Kellogg’s used Facebook in an extremely humane fashion to raise awareness for a particular issue.

9. Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza has completely revamped its brand image this year through advertising campaigns, and a heavy focus on interactive social networks. As they were coming to the realization that their pizza previously tasted similar to cardboard, they started a tab on their Facebook page where fans could voice all of their complaints with the popular chain.

Regardless of any opinion on whether their new pizza has actually improved, their use of Facebook to listen fans opinions was a great way to begin to improve a deteriorating image that was initially attached to their brand. Domino’s continues to be extremely interactive on the page offering responses and updates for fans.


Corona Light cross-media campaign this past year included a goal to become “The Most Liked Light Beer In America.” A most notable part of this was to use Facebook, and by fanning the page you could see your picture up in the bright lights of New York City’s Time Square.

The campaign was a great social media success in the sense that it had fans interacting on the pages as well as spreading the story of the billboard by word of mouth. The billboard ran for a month until the beginning of December, and many fans were able to snag pictures and be a part of this Facebook-based advertisement.

That's all about most 10 best FB campaign.Thanks readers!
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