4 Apr 2012

Various type of fishing knots

Clinch Knot The Clinch Knot is a very popular and effective knot. It is also easy to master. Pass the line through the eye of the hook, or swivel. Double back. make five turns around the line.
Pass the end of the line through the first loop, above the eye, and then through the large loop. Draw the knot into shape. Slide the coils down tight against the eye. more knots soon... Palomar Knot The Palomar Knot is another very simple knot. It is regarded as one of the strongest knot known. It's great virtue is that it can safely be tied at night with a minimum of practice. Double about 6 inches of line, and pass through the eye. Tie a simple Overhand Knot in the doubled line, letting the hook hang loose. Avoid twisting the lines.
Pull the end of loop down, passing it completely over the hook. Pull both ends of the line to draw up the knot. Hope all the knots will help you to become great angler!!:)

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