22 Mar 2012

Some intresting facts about Wallet

Did you know that your ever dependable bi-fold wallet has only started becoming a hit in the 50s? If you thought that wallets have always looked like how they do right now, then you would be interested to take a travel back in time and learn of these money mates origin.

The word “wallet” is believed to have been derived from an ancient Greek word describing a sack. Yes, a sack, like a knapsack or even rice sack. This sack was used in carrying articles of different shapes, weights, and sizes.

The word was first used in giving description to the thing that the god Hermes (the Greek God of Commerce) was carrying. A sack was also believed to have been carried by the mythical hero Perseus. In it was monster Medusa’s decapitated head. The use of the term wallet “meaning a flat case for paper currencies and some coins” only became common in the 19th century.

During the 19th century, a wallet was also used in carrying dried meat, treasures, and all the other stuffs that were not supposed to be exposed. During this period, you would have been considered as “semi-civilized” in America if you were carrying some goods in your pocket. You were supposed to just carry your wallet.

Thanks to evolution that wallets are now much smaller, slicker, and multi-purpose. There are also a lot of designs one can choose from and each individual may pick a wallet

that fits his or her personality. Some purses could even be made by hands. This enables the person to custom-make a wallet she or he thinks would best reflect his personality. A colorful purse, a plain pouch, or a glimmering fabric purse…whichever it is, it would be interesting to know of what the ancient people could be thinking had they the power to see what wallets are like these days.

Basically, a modern wallet has one or more pockets for currency and two or more pockets for identification cards or credit cards. These slots may be oriented horizontally or vertically.

Choosing the design totally depends on one’s needs. For instance, if you are the type of person who doesn’t carry around a lot of banknotes but has five different credit cards, then you may just go for a purse which has one pocket for currency and six pockets for cards. Some wallets also have a small pouch for coins. This pouch may be sealed by a zipper or a Velcro. Either way, you wouldn’t want to carry too many coins in your purse because aside from it being too heavy to be inserted in your pants pocket or bag, it may also shorten the lifespan of your wallet.

Usually, wallets also have an identification pocket. It has a clear cover where you can put an identification card, a bus pass, or anything else important that you need to show someone. This facilitates easy identification. You will not have to pull out the card every time you have to show it like to the guards of your corporate building. Isn’t it interesting to realize how much wallets have evolved?

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